James Garner April 7, 1928 - July 19, 2014

James Garner April 7, 1928 - July 19, 2014
James Garner April 7, 1928 - July 19, 2014 He wanted to be remembered with a smile.

The Garner Files

The Garner Files
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Monday, April 9, 2007

Viet Nam 1967

Unlike many stars of the era, Jim Garner did not protest the war by refusing to support our troops. Himself a veteran of 14 months of combat - with two Purple Hearts - in Korea, he knew all to well what fighting a war is all about.

This is one picture of him visiting a hospital in Viet Nam. More shots to come.

May 8, 1967

Soldiers, Stars and Smiles

James Garner

MAVERICK – James Garner , also known as Bret Maverick, jokes
with a patient
at the 12th Evac. Hosp. Garner spoke to almost every
patient in Tropic Lightning
medical facilities during his 36-hour stay
at the Cu Chi base camp.

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  1. I'll always remember meeting and seeing "Jim"James Garner at the enlisted club at Udorn in 1966/67 time frame. I was impressed at how down to Earth and soft spoken he was. I'm sure he didn't remember us individually. But he did recognize us by our rescue patches. Thanks Jim for the visit at a time when we needed encouragement to just do our part in a small way for our country.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to leave this comment.

      Jim knows how it is after all. Her got two Purple Hearts in Korea. He has a lot of respect for service men and women.

      Thank you again for this comment.